Tutoring Plans & Services

“Success is Not Final, Failure is Not Fatal:  It is the Courage to Continue that Counts.”    Winston Churchill

Artillery Farm offers a variety of programs for families, including home schoolers, seeking improvement through one-on-one instruction.  Programs are tailored towards the needs of the student. Take a gander at the programs below–if something doesn’t grab you, please call, text, or email and let’s see what we can do.

Critical Mathematical Skills Program:  This program focuses on weak areas to improve student attributes and skills.   Support is provided by modeling homework or schoolwork so that the student can accomplish the effort with confidence.  Often known as extra help, we can target specific needs (ex: balancing equations, slope formulas).

15 -30 Mathematical Preparation for Next Grade:  Using the future textbook, the student is taught the first 15 to 30 lessons of his next mathematical grade.  Different problems and solutions are used so that the student achieves classwork the following semester/school year as a matter of character.  A good summer program.

Two Week Retraining or Preparation:  Works well for the student who has year-long school with two week breaks, a homeschooled student who might have to miss instruction due to upcoming family activities/events such as a vacation, or for the student who missed critical instruction due to an illness, family emergency, etc.

Physical Sports Training and Mathematical Instruction:  Students are busy.  They also want to make their mark in both academics and sports.  By combining Master Fitness Training principles with Direct Instruction methods in mathematics, students are engaged in ways beyond the traditional “seated learning position”.