A mathematics tutoring service specializing in Middle & High School preparation—located along the eastern Colorado Springs corridor of Calhan-Ellicott-Falcon-Peyton —Artillery Farm understands the environment parents & patriots find themselves saddled in–especially the critical years of the 5th thru 9th Grades.

And, we understand the solution in mathematics instruction is not to be found in a one-size-fits-all, centralized, education approach that is based on the Prussian education system–a model not designed for an independent and upright citizenry.

A lot rides on our students’ performance nowadays, often with very little room for error or misunderstanding in mathematical concepts.  As classroom sizes increase, teachers are left with less time for one-on-one interaction with students, adversely impacting student skill and will.  Appropriate span of control in a classroom is subordinated to a larger, school building population and supporting bureaucracy.  Parents, students, taxpayers, and teachers suffer as a result.  And now, this model has proven immensely destructive during the ongoing pandemic, particularly the limitations of in-person instruction due to the required viral footprint.

As more time is spent on national-testing standard answers than schooling mathematical definitions & vocabulary, many students are fundamentally aborting basic terms & operations, and increasingly give up due to lack of confidence.

Under a strict, socialist-style testing regime, known as “Common Core”, students are disciplined to believe such tests deem them as failures if they do not grasp the way in which the testing regime scores them, despite overwhelming evidence that there are at least nine mathematical problem solving techniques.

The decay in morals and ethics since the 1950s has had a major impact on classroom discipline, and there is a strong correlation between the drop in reading, writing, and arithmetic skills and the denial of Biblical and Western Heritage studies in the public main.  Those students who attempt to maintain their spirituality and use it to enhance their studies often feel stigmatized and isolated.

This is not good for schooling and the formation of good habits, much less a strong society composed of trustworthy, intelligent adults required to maintain an ethical, representative, and limited government.

If your student is suffering in mathematics and needs help, please consider what Artillery Farm can provide.