At Artillery Farm, we believe everyone is capable of understanding mathematics and solving problems in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.  The teen years are tough years, more so around the 5th through 9th Grades.  And, what may sometimes seem trivial does mean something big when we are young and our character is molded.  That is why teaching, coaching, and mentoring -not just teaching- is key to quality instruction.

Artillery Farm was founded by Chuck Duray, who has served as a mathematics, history, character, citizenship, leadership, survival, and long-sword instructor, as well as middle school dean.  Maintaining his teaching license in Colorado, he is triple-credentialed in English, Mathematics, and History for Grades 6-12.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from West Point, and a Master’s Degree in the Military Arts & Sciences.

A retired Army Lt. Colonel, Chuck served in the enlisted thru officer ranks from 1984 – 2012, in airborne infantry thru air & missile defense units, and thru peacetime and war.   His command experience includes a variety of leadership troop assignments, through battalion command-level. Upon retirement, he served multiple seasons as a wildland firefighter and natural disaster team leader.

Chuck is married, thirty years, with three children, the last one currently completing college.  His wife, a success story against breast cancer, teaches science at one of the local high schools, and holds a Master’s Degree in Health Administration.  They own three horses–a Holsteiner, an Oldenburg, and a Tennessee Walker–and are in involved in ranching and raising prime beef.

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